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Virtual (Remote) Group Sitting Support for Old Students

Dear Old Student, You are invited to participate in virtual group sittings for students who have completed a ten-day Vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka. With the temporary closing of the three Vipassana Halls in the Bay Area, many students have requested a way to continue to get support for their practice. We are…

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Old Student Courses in Vipassana Tradition:

Old Student Courses in Vipassana Tradition: What they are and Why they are Helpful After sitting and serving a number of 10-day courses, old students often wonder about the other courses in our tradition that are available for deepening their Vipassana practice.. In this tradition, we have long courses of varying lengths and the old…

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Call to participate in SBVH Committee

Dear Old Student, We are seeking new members for SBVH committee. You will experience first hand how South Bay Vipassana Hall runs. It is run by old students just like you. Here are a few tasks which need volunteers to join SBVH committee.

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