Planning for a Meditation Center

After years of searching, in September 2018 the Bay Area Vipassana Center (BAVC) trust purchased land for a new residential meditation center 30 miles south of San Jose.

The BAVC trust is working to develop a meditation center that supports the local community, as other centers in California have done in their local communities in northern, central and southern California. 

Why a new center in the Bay Area:

In this video, old students and BAVC Trustees talk about the value of a center in the Bay Area and how students who have taken a ten-day course as taught by S.N. Goenka can  can get involved.

After evaluating more than 40 properties over four years, the Bay Area Vipassana Center (BAVC) purchased land in 2018 for a Vipassana Meditation Center in the Bay Area. The new center land is called Dhamma Santosa, which means happiness, contentment, satisfaction and joy. The development of a center in this conveniently accessible, peaceful location will enable more people from the Bay Area and beyond to develop in Dhamma by providing more opportunities to sit and serve.

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The price for the land is $2.1M which we were able to purchase with old student donations. We have initiated the Conditional Use Permit process with the County of Santa Clara. The process for obtaining a CUP is estimated to be take 12-24 months and the first phase of center development is expected to accommodate up to 80 students. Due to the silent nature of the 10-day residential meditation courses, the impact of the center on neighbors and local traffic is anticipated to be minimal.

Our plan for the future.

Phase One

The land was purchased for $2.1M. Additionally, we will need about $8M for Phase 1 construction.

The BAVC trust in the process of acquiring a Conditional Use Permit from the County of Santa Clara.

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Phase Two

Over time as donations come in, we hope to expand the capacity of the center to accommodate up to 150 people which would include students, servers, and teachers.