Call to participate in SBVH Committee

Dear Old Student,

We are seeking new members for SBVH committee. You will experience first hand how South Bay Vipassana Hall runs. It is run by old students just like you. Here are a few tasks which need volunteers to join SBVH committee.

Event planning:

Creating, planning, executing various courses and social events like

Teacher-led questions and answers sessions

Social gathering and potlucks

Children courses

Managing the hall for a better experience

Serving as one day and 3-hour group sit hall manager

Cleaning / Rearranging notice boards

Managing Dhamma books library

Re-stocking hall amenities like water, tea, etc

Purchasing, upkeeping cushions, chairs, etc.

Technical services

Responsive HTML design

Website design

Course registration

We will meet once a month at the end of the 1-day course or 3-hour group sit or in a teleconference session.

This will be an excellent opportunity to serve at SBVH hall and participate in Bay Area Vipassana Trust committee activities.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email [email protected] and mention which part of activities/service matches your volition/skill/time.

Best Wishes

South Bay Vipassana Hall Committee

Garrett Business Center

3375 Scott Blvd. Suite 432

Santa Clara, CA 95054

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