Opportunity To Participate in Dhamma.Org’s Tech Team

Dear Old Student,

Dhamma.Org is modernizing its IT infrastructure. It is decided to use Microsoft’s Office 365 to get emails and online office apps. As a pilot 10 centers were already introduced to it. 150+ centers remain to be migrated to this infrastructure.

Maintaining Dhamma.Org IT is a humongous task considering that everyone is a volunteer. Many volunteers are needed for tackling this future Office 365 migration.

The technical work will be much simpler. You will be working on Tier based ticketing system.

Tier 1 support will

receive the notifications of all new Office 365 support tickets
handle password-resets
handle other tickets according to the skills and experience of each person
re-assign cases that cannot be handled to Tier 2

You will be provided enough training to be fully proficient.

Impact of your work:

Communication and collaboration using email and other office applications are critical to every Vipassana Center and trust’s functioning. You are not just helping centers to function but also will be helping 100s of thousands of new students to apply for their first course as well as help old students to deepen their practice and spread of Dhamma.


The technical part of these tasks is easy. It is also repetitive. You won’t be learning or doing cutting edge technical work. These tasks are not something that you can mention in your resume.

These tasks will take away the time which you spend on your family. Your spouse and family must support you in taking on this additional work on top of your daily meditations.

This work requires long term commitment. We recommend that you commit at least for a year. If you are ready to serve, please apply by providing more information about your skills and availability. Access Form here


Dhamma.Org Tech. Team

Best Wishes

South Bay Vipassana Hall Committee

Garrett Business Center

3375 Scott Blvd. Suite 432

Santa Clara, CA 95054

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